[CQ-Contest] RE: The battle of the callsigns

Jim Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 22 14:26:06 EST 2005

K6VVA wrote:.
> I'd love to operate a contest as "E5E"  ... most likely THEE shortest 
> callsign on the planet :-)

And knowing our buddy CT1BOH so well, he would undoubtedly cut the number 
and send:

            E E E

By the way, I know my TJ suffix is great - since one of our all-time BEST 
operators,  my son,  Mr. Steinman  adopted it, and shortened it further by 
insertion of a 5 instead of the 6.  (Most probably didn't know that Jeff's 
my son, cuz he didn't appear to get my hair gene)

Jim  N6TJ

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