[CQ-Contest] SO2R Of The Future...

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Jan 22 19:03:36 EST 2005

(Yet another RE-thread for reasons below).

Gosh, guys, once again TNX so much for all of the input which is revealing 
new considerations toward the future of SO2R when changes need to be made 
(like a new computer or TXRX brand/model).

The dilemma of notebook computers now being primarily without parallel, 
serial, PS/2 ports & one less PCMCIA slot is gonna make things more 
difficult for portable SO2R setups.  Who knows what else manufacturers will 
axe, although perhaps not an issue for the desktop-home station only folks 
with multiple full-size ISA/PCI slot capabilities.

Since I'm in a crappy QTH, I plan to do more portable QRV from the N6IJ 
Club Station facilities near Monterey (for antennas only).  I need to be a 
completely self-contained SO2R equipment guy (thank God I bought an SUV 
last time around :-)

The other new thought which hopefully will be of benefit to the other SO2R 
Wannabees like myself is that last night I realized tailoring everything to 
one brand of TXRX may be very unwise.  In my case, if I tailor everything 
to Kenwood rigs but in a year or two want to switch to an FT-DX9000, or if 
my pal Jim ever decides to design, build and market something like a 
"ZD8Z-007" whiz-bang Contest rig,  "global TXRX compatibility" has now 
become the primary driving decision factor.  The subject didn't come up in 
our 2 & 1/2 hour Marathon landline QSO late last night, but ya never know 
what the future may bring :-)

With all of this VFB input so far, I'm now leaning in the direction of the 
Elecraft KRC-2 decoders for simplicity of connectivity with serial 
ports.  Horrors...should I discover FT-1000's, the IC-7800 or the new Yaesu 
FT-DX series do not have serial ports.  Unlikely, I should think.  But 
would *any* TXRX manufacturer dispense with at least one serial/RS-232 port 
on the back of a TXRX?  Hmmm.

If Tree comes out with a WIN-Doze version of TR, this would eliminate 
numerous other connectivity headaches with some of the computer related 
stuff (pretty much forget any USB-related connectivity).

It also appears that more potential problems may be encountered with the 
Dunestar filters at full-legal QRO than with the W3NQN stuff...at least 
that's been some of the direct feedback thus far.

Lots to consider, and I sincerely hope this discussion is as helpful to 
others as it has been thus far for me.

Tnx, guys.


Rick, K6VVA

Cc: Rich, Ron & Paul (per request)

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