[CQ-Contest] sending call sign

Paul T. Antos wb2abd at adelphia.net
Sat Jan 22 21:56:15 EST 2005

As per K_1_T_N 

 - I also insert spaces or half - spaces in my call for the same reason. 
I find stations especially have trouble with the last two letters  at  
speed, and I find it definitely helps prevent a lot ( but not all) of  
"ur call?". It does seem like the sending speed slows down a bit with TR 
.  Not to mention that my call has too many didahs anyway, but I've 
procrastinated too long to bother changing it now.  The " B D " hangs 
off the end of a pileup anyway , and that is a positive! And don't 
forget to change the call in the config file before doing the cabrillo.

Something worth considering ... get the call right the first time, and 
not waste time for repeats.

Paul   W^B^2^A^B_D

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