[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jan 23 06:48:40 EST 2005

G'day Randy:

Do you find that the W5XD keyer is a rotten manual

I have two, we have one at Signal Point PJ2T. For
SO2R and computer keying, it's great. We have Idiom
CMOS-4 keyers in parallel for manual keying.

Everyone who has ever tried to use one with a paddle
dislikes it. It seems unforgiving to any paddle 
inconsistencies or sloppiness, which are inevitable
as you get fatigued. 

It's possible we've all missed some setup to make the 
thing behave more like a WB4VVF or Curtis B keyer, and
if so I'd sure like to configure them properly!


Jeff Maass  K8ND

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> I use WriteLog and the W5XD external keyer for SO2R.  One serial port from
> the radio and I get full SO2R switching all from the keyboard. Plus it
> handles the CW sending and radio PTT. And it has a manual A/B switch and CW
> speed control so I can operate without the computer being on.
> Can't understand why people mess with any of the other solutions.
> Randy, K5ZD

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