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Clive Whelan clive.whelan at btinternet.com
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Hi Jeff

I suspect your problem, is that the dot/dash memories, cannot be disabled,
which will make it extremely unforgiving indeed in the circs. you describe.
Frankly, having learned to use a single lever paddle back in then early
sixties, with a home brew W9TO jobbie, I find it difficult to use a twin
lever paddle at any time. When I do so, I simply ignore iambic mode, and try
to emulate single paddle mode, which is never really that successful.

In the case of the W5XD, I address the problem by using a single lever
(Bencher) paddle. I do have a twin lever Bencher jobbie bought s/h but never
use it. I suppose I am a dinosaur, but have never seen any advantage in
iambic keying. In fact there is a very definite down-side. A while ago, a
very competent CW op visited my shack, and wanted to do a little operating.
Certainly says I, just sit down and away you go. It took  him less than 10
seconds to discover that he could not operate, because of the single lever
paddle. Being a little ( well OK a lot) younger than I, he had learned
iambic mode, and simply could not use non-iambic. Now at least I can go to
anyone's shack and operate, be it single lever, iambic, bug or straight key.
I may not be the slickest at some of these modes ( some say I'm not, full
stop!), but at least I enjoy a degree of redundancy.



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G'day Randy:

Do you find that the W5XD keyer is a rotten manual

I have two, we have one at Signal Point PJ2T. For
SO2R and computer keying, it's great. We have Idiom
CMOS-4 keyers in parallel for manual keying.

Everyone who has ever tried to use one with a paddle
dislikes it. It seems unforgiving to any paddle
inconsistencies or sloppiness, which are inevitable
as you get fatigued.

It's possible we've all missed some setup to make the
thing behave more like a WB4VVF or Curtis B keyer, and
if so I'd sure like to configure them properly!


Jeff Maass  K8ND

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