[CQ-Contest] Synthesizer Opinions....

Gerry Hull windev at inetmarket.com
Sun Jan 23 09:47:42 EST 2005

Last weekend during NAQP SSB, I deceided to whip together a voice keyer
using a very-high-quality voice font.
I ran the whole contest without lifting the microphone.  I was happy to see
that it seemed to work very well, and exchanges went without hitches.
My opologies to N6RFM, who seemed to be the only station who could not copy
the synthesized voice. (It was on 10m, and my sig was probably not that

Here's what it sounded like: http://www.w1ve.com/NAQP_Synth_fun_w1ve.mp3

Do you think the quality is good enough?

BTW, my best rate was about 75/hr using the synthesizer.   It would be
interesting to try it using high power and a good antenna system to see how
it impacted rate.


Gerry, W1VE


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