[CQ-Contest] Voice Automation Enhancements and the future

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 29 02:35:46 EST 2005

Hi Mike,

We currently have contests in which require no operator coding or 
decoding skills and have had for decades.  They are RTTY contests.  
People seem to like them.  The good ops with the good stations and 
locations are the ones who win them.

Automated CW decoding is here now and few contests specifically disallow 
its use.

There would still be differences in occupied bandwidth, the quality of 
the decoding devices and the skill of the operator in using them.

Development of speech recognition systems which would work well under 
contest conditions would be a fertile ground for ham experimentation 
which I suspect isn't being done by others.  i.e. while I may well be 
wrong, I doubt that any commercial or academic enterprise is doing 
research on speech recognition with 1 kHz or worse channel spacing.

So, while the mechanisms may change, I suspect that the fundamentals of 
contesting won't.

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

Mike Clarson wrote:

>Please--don't misunderstand. I am not trying to start a phone vs. CW thing.
>Just trying to envision what is coming and where we are going. I am not
>anti-progress. I don't miss recopying logs and using those paper dup sheets!
>So Eric is developing full voice automation. Fascinating. It seems to be
>patterned after automated CW. I could see one having the same buttons for CW
>and phone. What then would be the difference between operating a phone
>contest vs. a CW contest? Only the ability to copy CW. The same difference
>it would be if one participated in a Spanish Language contest. Same
>buttons--another language (and I only use Spanish as an example because I am
>a native English speaker). Next step is voice recognition/CW recognition. If
>the computer does the copying, then there would really be no difference
>between a phone or CW (or for that matter, digital mode or digitized
>voice)contest. Any thoughts?--Mike, WV2ZOW
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