[CQ-Contest] Voice Automation Enhancements and the future

Radiosporting Fan radiosporting at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 08:56:16 EST 2005

--- Mike Clarson <mclarson at rcc.com> wrote:
> Next step is voice
> recognition/CW recognition. If
> the computer does the copying, then there would
> really be no difference
> between a phone or CW (or for that matter, digital
> mode or digitized
> voice)contest. Any thoughts

Taken to an extreme, once "received modulation
recognician" (without regard as to it being CW or
Voice or PSK31 or ...) is attained, stations can be
auto-logged, too.  That means that the only items
differentiating station scores become (1) Local
Propagation and (2) station performance.  Operator
skill will be effectively removed from the equation. 
By the way...this was actually attempted using Packet
technology a few times in the past.


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