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KE5CTY Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 21 19:17:45 EDT 2005

I want to thank *everyone* for *all* the responses to this question.
>From them I have continued on with my own research as well - which has
lead me to some *very* interesting conclusions:

I am not sure I have made a final decision on a rig yet, however, one
thing has become apparent through the evidence presented:

According to the following link
(which tells what year a model was manufactured):
which in turn references this link as it's primary resource:

Coupling the feedback I got from you guys (which I consider to be a
*very* good source if not then - THE TOP SOURCES - of bottom line
experience and knowledge of equipment operation) *with competition
scores to prove out the claims if nothing else does*

 "figures don't lie - but liars figure" --

Along with the fact that contesting is the most grueling test of
operator and machine therefore the most calibrated meter.

Meaning who cares what the spec sheet says and the marketing boys (who
most of which have never even tweaked a knob except on their Mercedes
car radios) say - if it can't be *proved* out in the field.


The Amateur Community has been *FAILED MISERABLY* by the manufactures
and suppliers and for many years.

According to the manufacture dates and the demand (preferred radios) -
there has been no *practical* noticeable change in equipment (change
worth having from a practical - operational standpoint) for almost 9
YEARS only smoke and mirrors (cosmetics) with the *most* preferred rig
being almost 10 years old in technology according to manufacture output:

Kenwood; TS-830S HF Transceiver;Manfact'd approx May 1981
Kenwood; TS-850S 160-10 Meter Transceiver;Manfact'd approx Jul 1991
ICOM; IC-728 MF/HF Transceiver;Manfact'd approx Feb 1993
Yaesu; FT-1000MP MF/HF Transceiver;Manfact'd approx Apr 1996
Yaesu; FT-920 MF/HF/6 Meter Transceiver;Manfact'd approx Oct 1997

(((The Dead Years)))

???? 2005 ????

As a result from what I can see the price for these rigs has stayed
inflated (due to demand) to a ridiculous market value - which really
instead should be money a Ham would be spending on *new* technology not
10 year old technology over and over again and again.

I also conclude and assume from the data (since) only HF rigs have been
preferred) contesting is not *really* done at the VHF/UHF or SHF levels
interestingly enough which is where most of the manufacturers with newer
technology (newer rigs) seems to be focusing their output.

7&3 fer nw,
KE5CTY (old calls WB5ZQU - WY5L)
10X# 37210
Code may be taking a back seat for now, but the pioneering spirit that
put the code there in the first place is out front of it all.

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The IC-718 is (as described ) an entry level rig.  A casual op will find
it great.

The FT-920 is another story.  Having a built in monitor, DVK/speech
processor for SSB, and dual frequency readout  make a good economy
contest/DX transceiver.  Its one of two rigs of choice on 6 too.  With
filters available from Yaesu and INRAd it hold its own and it seems to
have good overload sensitivity so nearby loud signals don't affect it.
Its far better for 75 and 40 SSB split than my older FT-980 or several
ICOMs I have used.  The clicks problem that shows up in the 1000MP
series does not appear to be a problem either.

The problems are there (its an ecomony rig) such as limited menu
selection, hidden menus that are not well publized, the DVK is hidden
behind the VFO B tuning, and on SSB I find that you need to turn off the
equalizer and add bass for best results.  K4EA told me it sounded thin
and high pitched with the EQ on. (using the Heil HC-4 element which
works great on the FT-980, FT-1000D and MP).

Don't know about the TS850.  I remember GW3YDX saying it was terrible on
160 in QRM and loud signals (something the TS870 cures).  But W4AN swore
by his so I guess its what you are used too.

Dave K4JRB

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