[CQ-Contest] Bill Windle Operating Event

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 8 21:35:14 EDT 2005

A final quickie reminder.  The Bill Windle Operating event will be this 
Here's a brief summary:

The June Bill Windle QSO Party
FOC open invitation to all CW ops:
Stations call CQ BW. This is an operating event, not a contest.

Duration:   24 hours. 0000Z to 2359Z on Saturday, June 11, 2005.


FOC members -  To make as many different "Windle" QSOs as possible.
VHF bands are included but WARC bands are excluded. Members
are encouraged to work non-members to encourage CW activity.

Non-Members -  To contact as many FOC members as possible on
all amateur bands including VHF. However, the WARC bands are excluded.

Exchange:   For FOC members: RST, Name, & FOC Number (usually a 3 or 4 
digit number).
                   Non-members: RST & Name

This is the minimum info to exchange. Everyone is encouraged
to have at least a mini-chat with other stations.

Frequencies:    CW portions of all appropriate bands, from 015 to 040.
                        Top Band: Avoid the DX Window

Activity Reports:

FOC members -  Report total QSOs and total
FOC QSOs, counted once per band. For example:
302/177 where the first number would be total QSOs, followed
by the total FOC member QSOs.

Non-Members -  Report total QSOs with FOC members,
counted once per band.

No logs, no verification required; we are only using the
honor system. No awards as this is not a contest. Send your
report to: KZ5D at aol.com no later than June 18, 2005.

An alphabetical listing by call signs of the activity reports will
be prepared and distributed by email to all non-members.

73,  Jim N3BB

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