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But we were disappointed in you Thomas in that you didn't make either 
Visalia or Dayton this year.  But your always thoughtful words are duly 
noted, anyway.

As to N6RCE's belief that "Visalia" was held in Fresno only once, no, it was 
always Fresno since 1965 (after Paso Robles in 1964), until Dick Norton N6AA 
ran the convention in 1980 (I think), and Dick first located the now 
notorious Holiday Inn.  The singular Fresno experience to which Kevin 
alludes was just a couple years ago.

Is Visalia "perfect"?  Far from it.  But it's pretty good, and yes, 
sometimes the banquet chicken is truly rubber.

Ultimately it's the people that make an event, and as one of our friends 
wrote, Visalia is almost 100% DXers and contesters.

As to making Visalia "more of a contesting venue", I believe Kevin N6RCE 
need make his desires known to the So Calif and San Diego DX Club 
officiandos and he can perhaps work towards that goal for 2006.

In any event, both 2006 Visalia and Dayton will take on added importance as 
the run-up to WRTC 2006 in Brazil a few months later.  By the way, on that 
subject, having had the opportunity to visit Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 
Island, and that general area of Brazil on 4 occasions recently, I can 
attest to the wonderful hospitality of the Brazilians and our PY friends 
PY5EG, PP5JR, PP5UA, PP5WG, etc.

Contesting from Brazil is fun too, and those privileged to compete will find 
some interesting fun and challenges.

Two other points on that subject (sorry), Americans - at least - will need 
visas to visit Brazil, and for anyone with a couple extra days down there, I 
really recommend a visit to Gramado, a Swiss enclave up in the mountains 
near Porto Allegre (south towards CX).  Beautiful, and a real treat for 
sure.  And great shopping, as is much of Brazil.


Jim Neiger  N6TJ   (ZW5B, '89;  ZX5J, '99;  PY5M, '00; ZW5B, 01; PT5A, '02)

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> How about a thread wrap up?
> Conventions are about Fellowship, Forums and Flea Markets. Which do you 
> use
> to evaluate the event?
> Dayton is a cattle drive, too spread out, old facilities, too many 
> propeller
> heads. Visalia is crowded and geographically inconvenient. Technical 
> forums
> are usually pretty droll, except if you are extracting info you need.
> Presentations are most always dull because it is not a requirement to have 
> any
> public speaking skills to go on a DX pedition.
> So change that which you can, accept that which you can't and have the
> wisdom to accept the difference. I ran Houston Ham Conventions for a 
> number  of
> years and will not criticize the efforts to put events like these 
> together.
> Neither should you critics unless you have event-management experience 
> and are
> ready to jump in and take charge. Anyway,  I go for the  fellowship, so I 
> am
> never disappointed.
> CU in the VHF Contest this weekend multiop with KL2A signing K7RC on 6, 2
> and 432.
> Tom Taormina, K5RC
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