[CQ-Contest] 40 meter SSB Contest musings

N4XM Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Mon Mar 28 21:38:09 EST 2005


W4BCV!!! That sounds like a nice call.

Paul  N4XM (ex W4BCV)

At 05:52 PM 3/28/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>I got on and worked several pages of DX mostly cross band.
>The most serious problem I noted was you never know who is working who.  By
>that I mean say CN2R is listening on 7254 and W4XX calls on that frequency
>and replies 59205.  Is he really working CN2R or another DX station.  I
>noticed on Saturday nite that CN2R was asking "are you calling me?"
>Most serious contestants have gotten that "worked before" after a few
>contacts from a Dx station.
>I decided to give their call quickly without phonetics then the call I was
>using at the club (W4BCV).  One Italian replied "finally one I know that is
>working me".
>I also noted G6PZ was using their newly allocated band and working simplex
>on 7153.
>73 Dave K4JRB  (W4BCV)
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