[CQ-Contest] Poor Recorded Audio During the CQWW SSB Contest

W8FJ@aol.com W8FJ at aol.com
Tue Nov 1 09:16:08 EST 2005

Alan, N7BF wrote the following:

Now that I mentioned pre-recorded audio, some of the people need to hear
what they sound like with their transmit volume turned up so loud and the
compression on full blast, and then they pump a pre-recorded wave file into
their transmitter that probably already has compression on it.  Most of
these sounded horrible even when they went live.  You can hardly understand
what they're saying and they're S9+ into my receiver.  They were also MUCH
wider in bandwidth than everyone else.  I wasn't running wave files but I
sure hope I didn't sound like that.  I was thinking of recording some of
these people and e-mailing them a wave file of what they sounded like.
Don't know if it'd be worth it or not.  They'd probably just get upset at me
and say the distortion was all the fault of my receiver.

I am primarily a cw operator so I'm certainly no expert of ssb, but I get 
into the SSB DX Contests to help bolster my club's aggregate score.  The quality 
of the pre-recorded audio on a tremendous number of stations this year was 
simply awful!  The splatter was also awful!  The ability to copy weaker station 
was greatly compromised by the lousy audio of so many of the louder stations, 
and there were lots of VERY loud stations.  When I could finally decipher a 
CQer's call and called him, his "non-recorded" answer to my call was quite 
intelligible.  I can't believe that so many people have absolutely no idea how bad 
they sound when they hit the cq button on their keyboards. 

I'm looking forward to the cw weekend.  CW has it's problems too.  There will 
be stations with clicks on that mode, but as horrible as the clicks are, 
they're much easier to copy though than the stuff I endured this past weekend.

Clean up your pre-recorded audio guys!!

John, W8FJ...

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