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Tue Nov 1 21:35:39 EST 2005

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la5he at otterstad.dk writes:
What does piss me off though, is when the band is empty around 7020 or so,
and some guy fires up around 7005 to CQ.  Most guys are usually pretty good
about that, although one TA was rather fond of doing that on 7000 for much
of the
weekend.  The same is true for the W/K guys listening in that area when they
are running.  I know K3LR, KC1XX, W3LPL and I all try to listen as high as
possible, although when the band is 20 over from 7100 to 7015 you have to
lower in order to hear anything other than ultra compressed audio.

Not acceptable !

Maybe not by you, but it was to 800 or so guys who called me below 7040.  I 
would imagine LPL, LR and XX would have about the same numbers
Next, I may be wrong on this one, isn't the band plan a voluntary one in
parts of the world?

YES.  it is called  Gentlemen's agreement !  and of course it requires
people to behave like gentlemen.
Nevertheless, it IS voluntary.
Although 7100 and up is allocated to many stations for SSB, why is it a vast
wasteland during contests?

It is not ! But during nightime the BC stns are taking over most of it in
Region 1.

Gee whiz, kinda spoiled aren't we?  We in the US live with this daily on 
7150-7300.  To have some of Europe use it for split to work the US would be a 
partial solution though, wouldn't it?

By the way, please listen for all the CW boys above 7040 in the WWCW.  I 
doubt there will as much griping about these violators as the CW guys do about the 
SSB guys.  Regardless of the bandwidth, I would imagine it still violates the 
spirit of the agreement and would cause you great grief too.

Bill K4XS

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