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NOt a bad Idea,  however a bad accent is in the eyes of the holder.

That  VU might just think a W6  K6 or better yet a W5 with an Okie accent
has a bad accent.  I have a hard time with some South American  speaking
english and then sometimes the  JA's  have a few difficult pronuncments or
the letter  R  remma or lemma ,  just a couple of examples of what is
difficult for One doesn't fit all
NO easy solution.


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> It is obvious that Phonetics are a pain-in-the-butt for a lot of
> contesters.  Whoever came up with the "official" list must have been a
> golfer.  "Golf" simply sucks...I found this out during Field Day with our
> local club (W6GGF).  After wayyyy too many people NOT getting the callsign
> correctly, I reverted to the time-proven use of "GERMANY" from my old
> days, and had no further problems.
> Here's a concept...
> Why don't WE as contesters come up with a UCP (list of "Universal
> Phonetics") that can solve most of the problems?  Contest Sponsors can
> publish them along with their event rules.
> Yes, more than one syllable phonetics will slow down an exchange, but much
> less, IMHO, than the wasted time asking for multiple repeats.
> One person reported a problem with "Mike".  I don't think I have ever
> anyone have a problem with "MEXICO"...or DENMARK...or AMERICA, etc.
> WE have an opportunity to improve things...if WE want to.
> Regardless of any changes, after reflecting on last weekend's CQ WW SSB, I
> think *some* "DX" SSB ops need to slowwwwwwwww down their verbalization of
> ***ANY*** phonetics if they want to be understood (especially those with
> H-E-A-V-Y accents).
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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