[CQ-Contest] Live contest scoring

Mike Fatchett mike at mallardcove.com
Wed Nov 2 09:05:06 EST 2005

I am not sure if there is a group devoted to this discussion or not.

I created a site www.livecontesting.com to experiment with live (close to
live) contest reporting.  Currently the site is hosted on a low end web
host.  My hopes were that this url could be used for others wanting to do
the same.  As interest increases changes would have to be made.

There has been many discussions on what information would be allowable by
the sponsors.  One of the comments was that displaying the frequency might
be considered self spotting in a single op setup.  How about as a multi-op?

I plan to operate the SS SSB contest from Montana and wanted to display our
progress on the web.  We use N1MM and we are not sure exactly how we will
display this information.  I8NHJ created a nice asp interface that was
designed more for dxpeditions than contesting and N2IC created a simple page
using PHP scripts.  The challenge I see is trying to make the upload files
as small as possible for speed of uploads to those of us in broadband
deprived areas.

I appreciated any feedback or comments.


Look for NA7XX in SS from Montana

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