[CQ-Contest] Phonetics

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Wed Nov 2 11:31:16 EST 2005

At 04:16 AM 11/2/2005, Eric Hilding wrote:

>Whoever came up with the "official" list must have been a


To the best of my recollection, it was the ICAO, the International 
Civil Aeronautics Organization, which originally created the 
phonetics. Their intent was to provide phonetics which could be 
easily recognized by non-native English speaking people. It was later 
adopted by NATO and the FAA in the US. See 

Your suggestion to use "Germany" instead of "golf" makes me wonder. I 
always thought that "Germany" was the English name for the country 
and the real name was actually Deutschland. Is that correct? What do 
non-native English speaking people call it?

73, Bill W6WRT

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