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The issue at Atlanta Hartsfield is twofold:  Delta can refer to both the 
airline and the taxiway, so it is not misunderstanding the phonetic of "D", 
but what is meant by "D".  The other issue is that many pilots for other 
airlines dislike using the term "Delta" for any reason at all, and will say: 
Dog, Dixie, Dam Yankee, Duck, anything but "Delta".

Yeah, until I retired I was one of those airline pilots who would not speak 
the word "Delta" unless I simply had to refer to that airline specifically. 
Oh, well, I guess we all grow up eventually.

Rusty, na5tr

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> On Nov 3, 2005, at 3:58 PM, Jim Smith wrote:
>> The ATC environment is very different from the ham environment.  Being
>> channelized, they don't suffer much from QRM and SNR is usually pretty
>> good so it's just a matter of distinguishing between sound-alike
>> letters.  Alpha and Delta in this environment sound quite different.
> At Atlanta-Hartzfield airport, the main hub for Delta Airlines,
> things get confusing when they refer to "Taxiway Delta". They have
> been using "Dixie" for this purpose for years.
> So even in an ATC environment, some local variation is tolerated.
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