[CQ-Contest] WW SSB - the corruptive influence of packet

Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 2 21:25:40 EST 2005

OR......one could move to Wyoming... and live without packet networks.
And when it is decided to work the contest assisted... one better plan for
where the assistant is going to sit, because the assistant needs to sit 
And it ain't gonna be on the other side of the 'puter screen.

Of course, there really isn't a discussion if the decision is made to work 
the next contest,
single.... because you is... single you see. No question as to if you 
happened to utilize the
spot or not.. cause there just isn't one.

But when the certificate comes in the mail.... then the rewards are nice, 
and personal, and
only shared with those that actually helped.

--...   ...--
Dale - WC7S qrp in Wy.... C U in the next TEST!!

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>As someone else has pointed out, the packet spotting network was designed
>and built by and for contesters.  To shut it down for contests or not to 
>it would be contrary to it's whole reason for existing.
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> > Ken WM5R commented:
> >
> > > (d) The contests would be better off without packet at
> > > all.  One option
> > >    is always to turn it off and tune the radio instead.
> >
> > I agree 100%.  I've long felt packet was a corruptive
> > influence in contests.  K1TTT's analysis serves only to show
> > us the molecule of water at the tip of the iceberg.  Even
> > the multi-ops should eschew packet, as far as I'm concerned.
> >
> > I enjoy using packet when I'm DXing between contests, and I
> > have enjoyed it at multi-ops, but I'd massively prefer that
> > packet-assisted participants (whether declared or not) were
> > acknowledged only as checklogs.
> >
> > Sadly, too many people are hooked on that drug, and some of
> > the most important organisers of contests think packet is a
> > good thing.
> >
> > Dave VO1AU
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