[CQ-Contest] Thoughts on 40 SSB

LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad la5he at otterstad.dk
Wed Nov 2 22:12:11 EST 2005

Not to pour petrol on the fire, but if R1 7040 kc boundary is, with a few
exceptions, simply a bandplan & not a regulatory requirement, then
why is it that gentlemanly EU dominate the band as seen from R3?

It must be a concentration of our bad apples !!!

 From where I am, the rest of world is trying to deal with EU chaos &
then EU types slag us off for doing so.

If it is any comfort, it is worse up here !!!!

The DUs & YBs who work SSB every day below 7010 kc are also
entirely legal & will be there for a reason, too.

First step towards being able to get along is to understand others.
Everyone seems to be applying their standards here & not able
to see big picture, so IMHO not gonna get anywhere with this.
Sadly, this reminds of political/ideological/religious/ethnic

The responsability, IMHO is the organiser's !  They set the rules for the
I appreciate that not all rules can be enforced, but at least there would be
a moral
pressure on the bad guys who dont play it by the book.
The rules may also contain a provision for disqualification if reports of
are coming in from  fe x   countries/ continents. That should help, I

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