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>Eric Hilding
>Here's a concept...
>Why don't WE as contesters come up with a UCP (list of 
>"Universal CONTESTER
>Phonetics") that can solve most of the problems? 

59 !

>Sponsors can publish them along with their event rules.

Let's see if someone will have the courage to do this.
I will propose this to group of people behind the SAC.

>Yes, more than one syllable phonetics will slow down an 
>exchange, but much less, IMHO, than the wasted time asking for 
>multiple repeats.

Don't get solo ownership of this idea as there are us others who want to
share this thought.

>One person reported a problem with "Mike".  I don't think I 
>have ever heard anyone have a problem with "MEXICO"...or 
>WE have an opportunity to improve things...if WE want to.

Nah. The world is ready .. Not.

Good idea!
At least I second this.

>Regardless of any changes, after reflecting on last weekend's 
>CQ WW SSB, I think *some* "DX" SSB ops need to slowwwwwwwww 
>down their verbalization of
>***ANY*** phonetics if they want to be understood (especially 
>those with H-E-A-V-Y accents).

This is about training the operators.
Same goes for CW operators.
Skilled at 30WPM cannot really perform at 36WPM with a keyer.
And then they wonder about the UBNs or why they are not getting answers
to the CQs.

Experience rules in the game of outputting attractive CQs on the band
that lures the stations to call back.

We have a couple of domestic contests in Finland in Finnish. Some new
stations call much too fast but they learn if they decide to come back
for three or four contests.

>Rick, K6VVA

Jukka OH6LI

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