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I am, of course, Gable Mable Four Able Fable Fable. Or Give Me Four Apples For Fred.

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> Here's a concept...
> Why don't WE as contesters come up with a UCP (list of "Universal
> Phonetics") that can solve most of the problems?  Contest Sponsors can
> publish them along with their event rules.
> Rick, K6VVA

I propose the following:

  A     Ate
  B     Bait
  C     Cue
  D     Double-U
  E     Eight
  F     Five
  G     Gnu
  H     Hue
  I      Ide
  J      Jay
  K    Knot
  L     Late
  M    Mate
  N    Nine
  O    One
  P     Pneumatic
  Q    Queue
  R     Rate
  S     Sea
  T     Three
  U     Ute
  V     Vee
  W    Why
  X     Xerox
  Y     You
  Z     Zero

73, de Hans, K0HB

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