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Jose Valdes jvaldesr at cantv.net
Sun Nov 6 16:20:58 EST 2005

Again this are complains, not answer that has been elaborated.

No one has yet enumerated the alleged problems that operating below 7040
during a 48 hours weekend is creating, one year is composed of a total 8760
hours, the weekend's 48 hours represents barely the 0.548% of this total,
less than 1%, so if any inconvenience is caused  it is certainly minimal, or
better yet, irrelevant.

You stated:

"Fairness does not come into this game. Some QTHs are infinitely better than
others !!! ( F eks Venezuela !)"

Are you saying that some countries should have advantages over others? For
instance Canada over the US?

I would like to know why you believe that  Venezuela is a better QTH for the
CQWW, this is not true. Certainly Venezuela, and the surrounding countries
are better locations for the ARRL contests, but for the CQWW SSB or CW in 7
MHz, there are far better places, stations in Northern Africa such as
Morocco, with a short haul to Europe where a large number of 3 points per
QSO stations and may countries multipliers can be worked during a large
number of hours have the greatest advantage in 40 meters for the CQWW, and
South America, with longer day light hours (less time for DX work) and less
local stations entering the contest, has a clear disadvantage in this band.

To the CW and phone allocation "Nonsense" is not an answer, what is it
rationale behind not allowing US stations to operate phone below 7150?, in
Canada and Mexico, both countries in North America, phone operation below
7150 is allowed.

"40m  is not suitablke for phone contests untill the band is expanded
universally in Region 1"

Why is 40 meters not suitable?

The CQWW contest has been around for may years, and 40 meters has always
been suitable.

"Not enough room is correct, why 40 should be excepted from the phone
portion of CQ WW."

For the same reason that during the CQWW CW contest you see hear stations
7040, because as it is the band in region 1 is to narrow, so for now, and
until the band is expanded, CW operators should not complain about SSB ones
going below 7040 during one weekend a year.

73 Joe, YV5LIX.

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For instance, why are you proposing these rules?

Because present situation creates problesm for everybody , incl

Why limit SSB and not CW?  if in region 1 CW is allowed between 7000 and
7100, to be fair phone should also be allowed in the same segment.
Why you say that we currently have a "mess" in the band?
It is a question of bandwidth. CW takes  say 100Hz. Some of the phone
stations occupies 5-8 kHz incl.splatter and overmodulation.

If we limit the segment to 7040 - 7100,  and all the high power station
remain there, what space is left for the low power ones?

40m  is not suitablke for phone contests untill the band is expanded
universally in Region 1  !!

In the US CW is allowed form 7000 to 7300, them why phone is restricted to
7150 - 7300?
If CW operator can go above 7150, them, and to be to be fair, phone ones
should be allowed to go below 7150.

Nonsense !

Fair game must be the main goal, the rules should not favor some in
detriment of others, and further more, FCC and ARRL should revise  the
current frequency allocation in the 40 meters band for continental US

Fairness does not come into this game. Some QTHs are infinitely better than
others !!! ( F eks Venezuela !)

For what I can see the so called "mess" is caused by the current limited
space in the band for region 1 and a poor frequency allocation for the
different mode, contest activity from Europe in 40 meters is very high, just
take a look at the scores from pass years and you will se that, as it is
right now, it is impossible for all those European station to stay between
7040  and 7100, there is simple not enough room for them, less alone if they
have to compete for it with stations from the rest of the world.

Not enough room is correct, why 40 should be excempted from the phone
portion of CQ WW.
73  Rag LA5HE

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