[CQ-Contest] Proposed Rule Change - CQWW PHONE

John Warren nt5c at texas.net
Sun Nov 6 20:28:21 EST 2005

Jose YV5LIX wrote:

>........what is the rationale behind not allowing US stations to 
>operate phone below 7150?, in Canada and Mexico, both countries in 
>North America, phone operation below 7150 is allowed.

Jose - As you say, it's not an IARU Region 2 rule which prevents the 
Lower 48 states from operating 'phone below 7150 - It's a U.S. FCC 
rule. Anyone who can arrange to operate from the U.N. club station 
4U1UN in the middle of New York City - surrounded by W2s - may 
operate 'phone from 7100 down.

There's a long history behind this. Until recently, 40M was viewed by 
ARRL as primarily a CW contest and DX band, with 'phone mostly for 
internal QSOs. So they saw no need for U.S.'phone and foreign 'phone 
to share any spectrum. Also, keeping the U.S big guns out of 
7040-7100 protected ARRL's Canadian associates. There was really no 
reason for the FCC to care either way, so they went along with ARRL's 
preference to keep 'phone above 7150.

Hopefully, as the BC stations eventually move out from 7100-7200, and 
most of the world gets that primarily for 'phone operation, the 
problem will be eased. We should campaign with our IARU societies for 
a "gentleman's agreement" 'phone DX window 7125-7175 before other 
interests go after that spectrum.

73, John, NT5C.

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