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Jose Valdes jvaldesr at cantv.net
Mon Nov 7 09:28:50 EST 2005

Hello John,

Nice to hear form you again, and by the way, we had a 40 meters SSB QSO
during the 1989 CQWW SSB Contest, thanks for that QSO.

It is correct, the limitation is imposed by the FCC and is not the IARU, and
that's why I say that US stations should not be limited to 7150-7300 for
phone activities.

As for "Big Guns" in the US there was a time when that may have been an
issue, but as it is right now there are many none US 40 meters "Big Guns" in
Europe, The Pacific area, The Caribbean and South America, and few more in
Africa, they came to existence because competition; one thing that
contesting has brought to Amateur Radio is the development of better and
more competitive station, and as direct result better operators, there is no
doubt that a contesters or a DXpeditioners is better prepared for emergency
situations; a better station, more experience handling large number of QSO
and heavy QRM, and pileup handling abilities is an asses to amateur radio
and the world in times of distress, a fine example of this is the distress
traffic that was handled by the DXpeditioners in the Lacadives and hams in
Thailand during the tsunami caused by the Indonesian earthquake of December
2004, they provided a great service to the affected communities. 

As I see it the expansion of the band to 7200 will be a good thing and I'm
waiting for it, but also, and as a direct result of more available space, I
believe we will seen more activity in 40 meters during contest weekends, we
will see more stations entering the contest in this band, and again, some
one will say that the band is "to narrow" for SSB contesting.

73 Joe, YV5LIX.

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Jose YV5LIX wrote:

>........what is the rationale behind not allowing US stations to 
>operate phone below 7150?, in Canada and Mexico, both countries in 
>North America, phone operation below 7150 is allowed.

Jose - As you say, it's not an IARU Region 2 rule which prevents the Lower
48 states from operating 'phone below 7150 - It's a U.S. FCC rule. Anyone
who can arrange to operate from the U.N. club station 4U1UN in the middle of
New York City - surrounded by W2s - may operate 'phone from 7100 down.

There's a long history behind this. Until recently, 40M was viewed by ARRL
as primarily a CW contest and DX band, with 'phone mostly for internal QSOs.
So they saw no need for U.S.'phone and foreign 'phone to share any spectrum.
Also, keeping the U.S big guns out of 7040-7100 protected ARRL's Canadian
associates. There was really no reason for the FCC to care either way, so
they went along with ARRL's preference to keep 'phone above 7150.

Hopefully, as the BC stations eventually move out from 7100-7200, and most
of the world gets that primarily for 'phone operation, the problem will be
eased. We should campaign with our IARU societies for a "gentleman's
agreement" 'phone DX window 7125-7175 before other interests go after that

73, John, NT5C.
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