[CQ-Contest] Proposed Rule Change - CQWW PHONE

LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad la5he at otterstad.dk
Mon Nov 7 04:57:17 EST 2005

No one has yet enumerated the alleged problems that operating below 7040
during a 48 hours weekend is creating, one year is composed of a total 8760
hours, the weekend's 48 hours represents barely the 0.548% of this total,
less than 1%, so if any inconvenience is caused  it is certainly minimal, or
better yet, irrelevant.

Many people feel differently and we have to be considerate !

You stated:

"Fairness does not come into this game. Some QTHs are infinitely better than
others !!! ( F eks Venezuela !)"

Are you saying that some countries should have advantages over others? For
instance Canada over the US?

No- but geography makes a difference if you are in YV or   JW/LA   f ex. due
to f ex Aurora

"40m  is not suitablke for phone contests untill the band is expanded
universally in Region 1"

It is just caos during CQ WW Phone, not enough spectrum space.

The CQWW contest has been around for may years, and 40 meters has always
been suitable.
"Not enough room is correct, why 40 should be excepted from the phone
portion of CQ WW."

For the same reason that during the CQWW CW contest you see hear stations
7040, because as it is the band in region 1 is to narrow, so for now, and
until the band is expanded, CW operators should not complain about SSB ones
going below 7040 during one weekend a year.

There will be complaints as long as the bandplan is not observed. Other
people than contesters have rights too.
We cannot have one event destroying the radiolife of all others who are not
in the contest- it just is not right.
It is a big world with all sorts of amateurs who would like to enjoy
themselves on 40 during a weekend.
We just cannot ignore their rights.

73  rag LA5HE

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