[CQ-Contest] Low End of 40

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Mon Nov 7 09:40:43 EST 2005

I was looking for stations in the entire CW section of the bands but did 
notice that the segment 7000-7015 had fewer stations than the rest of the 
band.  I even heard some DX calling CQ below 7005 during the last hour or 
so of the contest.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 TOMK5RC at aol.com wrote:

> There were many similar complaints over SS CW Weekend on the PacketCluster  
> about SS going all the way to 7001. Haven't the whiners ever heard of 30M and  
> 17M? They are great bands and free of contesting.  
> Tom Taormina, K5RC
> Contesting from the Comstock
> W7RN -  K7RC

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