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PY5EG py5eg at inepar.com.br
Mon Nov 7 13:40:08 EST 2005

Dear Friends:

In order to facilitate the application process we are making available a
Contest Results Checking System for all contests selected by WRTC 2006.
It is not a automated submission Web page, only a score listing database
with some special filters.
We kindly ask the competitors to navigate into the tool and to advise us on
any suggestion. Please contact SM0CXU   <mailto:thomascarl at gmail.com>
thomascarl at gmail.com and
PY2YP  <mailto:py2yp at py2yp.ws> py2yp at py2yp.ws
Here we have the instructions for the proper use of the system.
Best 73
RELEASE 024/05

November 1st 2005
Dear Friends:
To facilitate the WRTC2006 application process, we are making available to
the WRTC 2006 Community our  "Contest Results Checking System".
We built a complete database of all results of the contests selected by WRTC
2006. The automated system will make it easier to everyone to choose their
best results for their application.  (This is not an automated submission
Web page, only a score listing database.)
We look forward to your applications. Do not forget that all applicants by
default also applies for a place in the "Multi-National Multi-Single Teams"
(MN MS), thus giving you a second opportunity to participate - and with the
additional flavor to participate from a competitive MS Station it the IARU
contest and at the same time compete for the special WRTC 2006 MN MS Trophy.
This is the step-by-step procedure:
1)      Go to our Web page http://www.wrtc2006.com
2)      Click on the banner  "Contest Results Checking System"
3)      The following window will appear:

4)      Click on any contest and the following window will appear:

5)      If you want to list all of the selected contests in which you
participated, in the "List" window  select "All results of a call" and in
the "Operator Call" window insert your call.

6)        To view scoring results for each contest, select: "Contest",
"Mode", Year", "List", "Region", "Category". "Operator Call" is optional,
depending on what is selected in the "List".  

7)       To get an overview of all results for a Category in all Regions or
all results for all Categories in a Region, ten select: "Contest", "Mode",
"Year", "List" (All, or limit the list), and finally "Region" or "Category"
as follows:
1.                  All Regions, selected Category - Selected Category for
all Regions will be listed.
2.                  Selected Region, All Categories - All Categories for the
selected Region will be listed
3.                  All Regions and all Categories - Will prompt you to
select either or.

         We are still developing the system and are available to correct any
errors you might detect.         We kindly ask all users to test the system
and to contact us in case of any corrections needed.
        The WRTC2006 Steering Committee would like to express the deepest
thanks to our friends SM0CXU (PY2ZXU) Thomas Carlsson and Rodrigo
G.Silvestre  (ICTEC Engineer) for the extremely nice job done.
PY2YP - Cesar Rodrigues  py2yp at py2yp.ws <mailto:py2yp at py2yp.ws> 
PY5EG - Atilano de Oms py5eg at iesa.com.br <mailto:py5eg at iesa.com.br>  
SM0CXU - Thomas Carlson    thomascarl at gmail.com
<mailto:thomascarl at gmail.com> 

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