[CQ-Contest] Low End of 40

Mon Nov 7 17:50:39 EST 2005

I ran my first CW contest with my "new" .. used 4 hours before I got it ... 
P2 .. I just fell in love with ham radio all over again!  What a pleasure to 
operate!  Now for the CW CQWW!  -- es, cu fone SS too, of course!   Mark 
AA6DX  SF section, although 27Ø miles north of the city .. HIHI...

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> VE4XT wrote
> <In the spring, I picked up a used IC-756PRO, having used a pair of them
> at VE6JY in the phone SS.
> I loved them as phone radios. This past weekend was the first real test of
> the radio in a competitive CW environment. In my view, it absolutely
> shined. I could be right next to a 20over 9 station, and while it was 
> clear
> he
> was there, my ability to copy weak stations was uncompromised.>
> I'd be interested to know if that was the I, II, or III Kelly?
> 73
> Clive

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