[CQ-Contest] QRPers --- Please QRQ

Warren C. Stankiewicz nf1j at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 7 19:48:44 EST 2005

What's interesting to me is that there were a lot of people this past 
weekend who wouldn't hear me when I sent at 30, but *did* hear me when I 
slowed down to 26. In fact, it got to the point where I'd send my call the 
first time at 30, the second time at 28, the third time at 26, etc...

As far as when to stay and when to come back later, it's always a judgement 
call (and we should all exercise good judgement). Obviously, there are some 
mults you're only going to run across once--and that's when you stay and 
fight. Some people, you know you can come back to later.

One of my tricks has always been to simply write the frequencies of pileups 
on stations into my radio's memory; then, as I work my way across the band, 
I can keep skipping back easily to see if it has died down enough to try 
giving them a call.

CT shows (I reprogram F1 to just send my call) I called about 3.2 times for 
every QSO I made. I'm not sure if that's a good ratio or not, but I think 
I'm going to start tracking it and see.

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