[CQ-Contest] Signing the other guys call

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Wed Nov 9 12:06:57 EST 2005

In my limited participation I would say that 90 percent were sending their
call when coming back and I started doing it sometime right after the start
because I knew without doubt that they were calling me.

Mike W0MU   

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> Number 5 is the only time He sends Your callsign.  So it verifies that 
> He is talking to You.  My opinion is that 5 is optional.  You can 
> usually tell if the other station is talking to you just by the timing 
> of the QSO.
> Steve wrote:
> > A lot of my contest QSO's this past weekend went like this:
> > 1. I send CQ SS
> > 2. He sends his callsign
> > 3. I send his callsign
> > 4. I send exchange
> > 5. He sends my callsign
> > 6. He sends exchange
> > 
> > What is the purpose of line 5?
> > 
> > In those instances when I answered a CQ, I did not include line 5. 
> > Should I have?

Sending the call actually makes a lot of sense.  As we jam pack togehter,
and some people aren't precise in their ability to QNZ (a very old CW
traffic handler saying indicating your ability to "zero beat" the station
you are answering), timing is the only thing that determines if a station
calling is working you.  Obviously there are times where the timing is the
same for two stations and one of them gets a not-in-log.  

I sometimes ask for them to repeat their number if I am not sure they were
working me.  

Tree N6TR
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