[CQ-Contest] Competitor Friendly Contesting

K6VVA dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Nov 11 10:55:25 EST 2005

Steve, ZC4Li, wrote:

 > We are all getting older and 48 hour contests for single ops are not as 
much fun as they used to be, more like torture.
 > Your views are appreciated.

I'm glad yet another person has noticed this!!!

 > Would  36, 30 and 24 hours categories for single ops bring in more 
competitors ?

I've been advocating at least *one* lesser hour category for almost two 
years, and as pointed out by 4L5A/D4B and several others many months ago, 
the answer to this is YES, YES and YES.  You may have also missed the 
recent "Perfect Contest" thread started by Jim, N3BB, which included a 
similar recommendation.

 > Would it be better to have off times  in all contests to be a minimum of 
1 hour to be taken at any time ?

Depending upon the contest, I think 1/2 hour works.  Actually 15 minutes 
may be more ideal because at least you can get up, make a restroom stop, 
take a short walk, grab a bite to eat (without getting crumbs in your 
keyboard), etc.  I took a lot of 5 to 7 minute breaks for such purposes 
during the SS last weekend, and missed QSOs, but probably could have waited 
for a period 15 minute stint.

It must be the age factor, 'cuz last weekend I could not really sit for 
more than one hour without having to get up briefly.  My butt was getting 
too whacked out in spite of stacking extra pillows on the chair.  NO, I do 
NOT have Hemorrhoids :-)


Rick, K6VVA

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