[CQ-Contest] Memorable SS Fun-etics

Richard DiDonna NN3W NN3W at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 22 17:55:47 EST 2005

'cause there's a point when mere fatigue gives way to 
delirium.  I was in the latter stage by 0000z!

73 Rich

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From: Jim Smith <jimsmith at shaw.ca>
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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Memorable SS Fun-etics

>Gee Rich,
>I don't recall you laughing when you called me on 20 
when I said FO.
>I confess that there have been a couple of times in 
CW tests when, in a 
>fit of irritation, I sent a station just the last two 
letters of my 
>call.  I think I had been called a lid.
>73, Jim   VE7FO  (ex VE8FO  Frozen Oysters)
>Richard DiDonna NN3W wrote:
>>I worked VE2FU late in the contest, and it was hard 
>>control my laughter....
>>73 Rich NN3W
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