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Mon Nov 28 11:32:30 EST 2005

Just saw posting on TowerTalk reflector by Dennis O'Connor about the 
differences between vertical and horizontal antennas at 

He is describing perhaps known effects between antennas with horizontal and 
vertical polarization. For those not aware of this effect, it is an eye opener 
and any serious little pistol or aspiring big gun should be aware of it. At 
the times it can mean huge difference in signals and getting through the pileup 
or rare one. Even loaded verticals with elevated current distribution 
(http://www.k3bu.us/loadingcoils.htm) and located at the water's edge can perform 
remarkably. Half sloper from the hotel balcony (as C6AYB) and IC706 can do wonders 
like beating world LP record.  

I have been checking out the phenomena, especially when at the oceanfront 
beach after the K2KW and 6Y5 exploits. I was surprised and impressed with he 
results as N2EE/4 on 10m from Cape Hatteras and lately on low bands from NJ 
shores. VY2ZM got the idea too and combined with some  super antennas forged ahead 
to creaming the 160m world record in CQ WW CW (and my NA) -:(

Definitely, the future during the low sunspots and low bands is at the 
beaches. So for the location or resources challenged, there is the option of putting 
up vertical (arrays), going to the beach domestically or DX places. That 
spells more contest fun, rather than inventing personal categories. Single band 
operation for those OF who can't hack 48 hours in the saddle is another fun 
option for cracking some records.

I have been working on switchable, dual polarization antenna designs for the 
beaches and looking forward to some serious operating from the old Ocean Gate 
AT&T 175 acre Rhombic farm by Tesla RC N2EE, NT1E soon. 

Congrats to Jeff, K1ZM, VY2ZM for superb station building and piloting it to 
record scores. Let's wait for his blow-by-blow commentary on 160m CW record 
(Where were 6Y5 verticals?)

73 and thanks for points!

Yuri, K3BU.us

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