[CQ-Contest] Re : zero pointers

Paul T. Antos wb2abd at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 29 19:19:46 EST 2005

< Again, contest rules are not set in stone.  Just about all major contests 
   have evolved over the years, including WPX, SS , ARRL 10 Meter, and ARRL DX.  
   Maybe it's time to tweak WW too.  DX originally meant distance.  A 3000 mile QSO 
   to W6 or W7 is a hell of a lot more distant for me than CO or C6.  The first 
   counts zero, but the second two points.  Adjusting that should be a considered 
   by the sponsor.

Bill K4XS  >

I would have liked to work a zone 3  zero-pointer on 10 meters. Tried very hard - no dice. Multiplier lost. CQWW contesters are  usually pretty good about giving a zero - pointer QSO, presuming perhaps someone needed the zone. If I have to make such a contact, I usually wait until things are settling down, and I can catch someone "running" a no QSO period. Acts of kindness ought to be rewarded !  Perhaps a limit of 20 one -poimters here would be fair. That shouldn't upset the scoring too much.


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