[CQ-Contest] 1 pointers for CQWW - More data (was: A PROPOSED SOLUTION)

Richard DiDonna NN3W NN3W at prodigy.net
Wed Nov 30 12:47:47 EST 2005

Interesting data Richard.  As a compromise, how about 
the following.  This would really affect folks in the 
USA, Canada, European Russia, Australian Russia, 
Australia and whatever country is divided up into more 
than one zone.

Multiplier for the country still applies.
Multipliers for zones still apply.

Now, apply the IARU rules to scoring.

Zero points for QSOs to the same country within the 
same CQ zone.

One point for QSOs to the same country within a 
different CQ zone.

Thus, VK3XD works VK4AN on 40 meters.  VK3XD gets the 
VK multiplier and the Zone 30 mult.  However, VK3XD 
gets zero point credit since both stations are in Zone 

Now, VK3XD works VK6HD on 80 meters.  VK3XD gets the 
VK multiplier and the Zone 29 mult.  But, VK3XD gets 
one point for working VK6HD since the two stations are 
in different zone.

73 Rich NN3W
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>Interesting "fix" for the problem.
>But instead of sending "00", just send your regular 
zone (it might be 
>a mult for the CQing station) and let the award 
points be added 
>during log checking by the CQWW team. I had at least 
one new USA zone 
>answer my CQ (zone 3 on 10M).
>The scoring could be added the same as the QRP award 
points are added 
>for the Stew Perry Contest.
>But this does not really fix the real problem of what 
to because of 
>the high number of stateside QSOs being forced on 
contest stations in 
>the midwest.
>I decided to look at our multi-multi logs from the 
2005 CQWW Phone 
>Contest for some real data.
> From the Austin area we made 3248 QSOs in the M/M 
category. We had a 
>good group of experienced contesters to do the 
operating. We made 
>4,862,220 score and finished 10th per the 3830 
reporting behind 
>W4MYA, who had 5.3M points. We tried hard to make the 
best score we could.
>I checked our logs and found that we had 613 USA QSOs 
for an 
>astonishing 19% of our overall QSO total. That is 
outrageously high 
>and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. 
Just another 
>penalty for not living on the East Coast.
>I took this one step further and gave each of the USA 
QSOs one QSO 
>point and recalculated our score. This brought our 
score to the 5.2M 
>point range. This was not enough for us to catch 
W4MYA and move up a 
>notch in the M/M scoring. Our place in the 3830 
standings stayed 
>exactly the same, at 10th place.
>So tell me again how getting 1 QSO point for every 
same country QSO 
>is going to dramatically alter the flavor of the CQWW 
Contest. But 
>this time try to convince me with some real data.
>73, Richard - K5NA

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