[CQ-Contest] Busted W/K calls

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Wed Nov 30 16:49:07 EST 2005

Bill - the penalty of 3 qsos is 3 qsos worth the same point value.  So, 
busting a 0 pointer or being a NIL in his log is a penalty of 3 * 0 = 0 

We discussed this at W3LPL this weekend and K3EST was one of the ops.  I'd 
consider that a pretty reliable source.

Tom, NI1N

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> For members of the WW committee........
> If I bust a W/K QSO or am NIL, after I have worked my 50th W/K in zone 5, 
> do
> I incur any penalty for the QSO, if it is removed for being busted or NIL. 
> I
> couldn't care less if it is removed since it counts zero, but do I get
> penalized?  If so, that surely needs to be changed.
> Bill K4XS

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