[CQ-Contest] Opinions on filters for TS 850

Mike and Alicia Fanning fanning at hiwaay.net
Sat Oct 1 23:57:19 EDT 2005

Looking for opinions...  What do Kenwood 850 users find to be the best use
of the 3 available filter slots?  Looks like there are two slots at the 8.83
MHz IF, and one at 455 KHz.  I operate CW almost exclusively, so the 1-2
punch of 500/250 Hz seems to make sense to me.  Which IF gets the narrow
filter?  How best to use the other slot at the 8.83 MHz IF?  I have never
had a rig with a SSB filter, so any recommendations on bandwidth for a
sideband filter to put in the other slot?

-Mike, K4GU

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