[CQ-Contest] Opinions on filters for TS 850

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sun Oct 2 15:37:59 EDT 2005

Give the first IF the wider filter, the second IF the narrower. (Otherwise,
there's no use using both at once...)

As for the third slot, I'd suggest something like the INRAD 1.8 khz SSB

I know you don't use SSB much, but it will come in handy on CW for those
times when even 500 is too narrow. (400 is the nearest BW for INRAD filters)
If you go with INRAD filters, you'll be amazed at how much they make the
Slope Tuning controls sing!

This isn't a paid shill for INRAD, but I think if you ask anyone who's tried
them, they are vastly superior than, and about the same price as, Kenwood
units. The 400s work so well that I'd suggest ordering the 400 first and
trying it before deciding to order the 250.

You can find International Radio at www.qth.com/inrad

73, kelly

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> Looking for opinions...  What do Kenwood 850 users find to be the best use
> of the 3 available filter slots?  Looks like there are two slots at the
> MHz IF, and one at 455 KHz.  I operate CW almost exclusively, so the 1-2
> punch of 500/250 Hz seems to make sense to me.  Which IF gets the narrow
> filter?  How best to use the other slot at the 8.83 MHz IF?  I have never
> had a rig with a SSB filter, so any recommendations on bandwidth for a
> sideband filter to put in the other slot?
> Thanks,
> -Mike, K4GU
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