[CQ-Contest] Palomar Engineers M-835 LED SWR/PWR Meters

Serra, H. Lawrence serra at serralaw.com
Mon Oct 3 15:32:04 EDT 2005

If anyone is interested in one or two of these nifty Palomar LED SWR/PWR
meters, please let me know. Jack at Palomar Engineers no longer manufactures
them, but he has sufficient info so if we had enough order commitments we
could look into have them manufactured again offshore. 
These are the ~5" x 5" x 3" units with 2, 200, 2000 watt scales, with two
vertical columns of wide-bar LEDs, one for FWD power (green LED column) and
one for REFlected power (red LED column). RF sensor is in a small wall-wart
sized unit with SO-239 female connectors which connects remotely through a
TELCO phone cord to the display unit. 
I find them very useful in SO2R, where I place one on each side and slightly
behind my laptop screen. All my radio gear is stacked in a cabinet off to
the side, but I can always see FWD power going out (green LED column), or
any reflected power (red LED column) when keying, without having to take my
eyes from the computer screen.
Anyway, if anyone is interested, drop me an email at hlserra at sbcglobal.net
73, Larry N6NC

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