[CQ-Contest] D4B QRT

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 13:37:02 EDT 2005

>Dear Contest Community,

>I hereby announce the closing of the D4B contest station on Monte
>Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands.

>I have achieved and in some cases exceeded all my goals that I set out
to >do from D4.

Wow - talk about "going out on top"!

Alex, congratulations on all your achievements from Cape Verde.  


Scott W4PA

W4PA 2005-2006 Contest Calendar
Sept 11:  CW Sprint SOABHP
Oct 29/30:  CQ WW SSB SOABHP @ VY2ZM as VY2PA
Nov 5/6: CW SS casual operation SOABHP, home QTH
Nov 18/19:  SS SSB M/S as K4JNY @ K4JNY.  6 ops.
Nov 25/26:  CQ WW CW M/2 - PJ2T
Feb 11: CW Sprint SOABHP
Feb 18/19: ARRL DX CW - unknown
Mar 4/5: ARRL DX SSB M/2 - PJ2T (tentative)
Mar 25/26: WPX SSB M/S as KM9P @ K4JNY
May 27/28: WPX CW SOABHP as KM9P @ K4JNY

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