[CQ-Contest] A portable rig that would serve well for contestingtoo?

Don Field don.field at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 12:20:18 EDT 2005

There are many portable rigs that would be more than adequate for single-op
contesting in a DX environment. But there are far fewer rigs that would work
if there were two or more of you trying to operate in close proximity (MS,
M2 for example).

I used an IC-735 as a portable DXpedition/contest radio for many years,
having seen how well it held up in the G0KPW/M6T multi-multi environment,
whereas many portable radios simply fell over with so much RF around, or
generated so much hash that the other stations complained (an earlier TS430
which I had owned fell into the "definitely not" category). I miss that 735!

Of the current generation of small radios, I believe the 857, 706, 897, etc.
would exhibit similar problems when used in a multi-station
environment.However, the Voodoo contest group has successfully been using
several K2/100 units (plus amps) for M/M without problems. This year looks
like been an "all K2" effort when they go to TZ land. I don't think many
"portable" sets could hack that environment.


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