[CQ-Contest] A portable rig that would serve well forcontestingtoo?

Steve Murphy murphys at comcast.net
Fri Oct 7 19:58:49 EDT 2005

Ditto Don's comments about the 735.  I put together a portable SO2R station using a pair of these, and everything he said mirrors my experience with them (and also the older Kenwoods).

One thing to consider, though, is that the earliest of these radios are getting close to 20 years old, and though mine have been very reliable, I'm sure they're not immune to the problems that start to plague all older equipment.


Steve N8NM
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  There are many portable rigs that would be more than adequate for single-op
  contesting in a DX environment. But there are far fewer rigs that would work
  if there were two or more of you trying to operate in close proximity (MS,
  M2 for example).

  I used an IC-735 as a portable DXpedition/contest radio for many years,
  having seen how well it held up in the G0KPW/M6T multi-multi environment,
  whereas many portable radios simply fell over with so much RF around, or
  generated so much hash that the other stations complained (an earlier TS430
  which I had owned fell into the "definitely not" category). I miss that 735!

  Of the current generation of small radios, I believe the 857, 706, 897, etc.
  would exhibit similar problems when used in a multi-station
  environment.However, the Voodoo contest group has successfully been using
  several K2/100 units (plus amps) for M/M without problems. This year looks
  like been an "all K2" effort when they go to TZ land. I don't think many
  "portable" sets could hack that environment.

  Don G3XTT
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