[CQ-Contest] D4B QRT

K3BU@aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Wed Oct 5 09:30:36 EDT 2005

Thanks Jim for shedding some light at the D4B situation.
We hope to hear some more from the "horses" mouth.
Some of the points you mentioned are very valid and some of us kept wondering 
Some of us take the sport of contesting as a sport and expect the rules to be 
obeyed. Some get "clever" in violating them and making scores and records and 
efforts meaningless.
While it should be "just" fun, as any sport, those who take it seriously and 
try to push the envelope and technology to extreme and move forward, get 
kicked in the teeth by some blatant violators. Sticking to some silly rules (3 QSO 
"penalty", zero points for own country, continental advantage, packet, ...) 
while times are changing doesn't help either. It seems that indeed there is some 
cult thing going on. 
I hope that D4B "retirement" will help to open eyes and minds of those "in 
I pay my respect and admiration to Alex for his devoted efforts, station 
building and superb operating. 

On the subject of better contests and rules, I have tried to come up with THE 
contest and honor the greatest engineering genius - Tesla Cup
which was met with some resistance from the major magazines and not least, 
fellow contesters. I am sorry that I could not devote more time and efforts in 
pushing it, but my real life situation keeps throwing QRLs at me and I had to 
sort out my priorities to God, family, business and sport/hobbies. I keep 
trying to sort things out and I hope that in the coming year I will be able to 
devote more time to the "cause". Any comments and improvement of the rules are 
very welcome.

Thanks Alex, Jim and others for being the engines that drove contesting and 
us to higher levels. I hope that we will learn some more lessons and make the 
contesting more fair and fun.

73  Yuri, K3BU.us

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