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>>As to the cheating issue, perhaps some of these problems could be resolved 
by introducing a new
level of transparency to contest adjudication.   Perhaps a real-time 
logging/scoreboard infrastructure?   This is asolvable problem given 
Internet technology available today.  <<
I don't think it will work, who is going to watch? Complexity required with 
voluntary  support (can't get the certificates out, how you going to do this)?

The real solution is to post the complete logs after the contest log 
deadline. This way "beaten" - the best "judges", will be able to scrutinize the logs 
and spot the problems. Plus it would be a great learning tool for "losers" to 
see where they blew it, or what could they have done. This of course requires 
sponsor TO ACT on some blatant violations. K1TTT postings didn't seem to 
inspire much of that.

The other venue is to publicize the violators of rules on the Internet. That 
borders on being called sore loser, as it happened to me after pointing out 
"famous 300W" operation by IH9/IV3TAN running somewhere around 20 kW on 160 m 
and still "proudly" figuring in the world record listings. 

So what's the solution? Are we "inspired" to match the cheaters and do it on 
"all you can cheat" level? Or will the contest committees do some cleanup?

Here I go again (CQ WW) with my beef to make contest better: Post the logs on 
Internet, remove silly 3 QSO penalty, give everyone 3 points per QSO (no 
tropics scoring advantage) and count own country QSOs, no packet during the 
contest,  don't water down the results with "SO2R3A..." categories.

For those who are going to tell me to come up with better contest, I did:
See you all in 2006 running, Tesla's 150th anniversary.

Yuri, K3BU.us

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