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Dick Pechie kb1h at myeastern.com
Thu Oct 6 10:46:00 EDT 2005

With so many nodes out there why doesn't some of the users at K1TTT pick
other nodes? Why deal with a delay of spots, etc.?

My node for one usually has 5-10 users and three are me! Other nodes have
even less users.

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> My node is so busy that I had to install the ve7cc proxy program that
> buffers the connections to the node.  The ar-cluster software (actually
> windows based telnet program not running on a real server os) is limited
> how fast it can take new connections.  This program speeds up the
> process, but then feeds the connections to the cluster at a controlled
> This may result in you seeing a delay (maybe with a countdown, maybe not)
> when connecting, especially if the node has just rebooted or is recovering
> from an internet connection dropout.  Just be patient and it should pick
> up in turn and then it will work just as fast as before, its only the
> initial connection that is delayed.
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