[CQ-Contest] RES: D4B QRT

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Fri Oct 7 04:21:52 EDT 2005

Actually the disclosure of all logs and UBN-s was supported by many and 
opposed by very few. There are no real valid arguments against it and it 
would be easy way for organizers to delegate some of the "checking" to 
participants and would work great as disciplining measure. It would make the 
contest much more transparent and much more interesting if you can learn 
from other's logs and mistakes.

And it would not constitute a fundamental change in the rules and would not 
harm the continuity of records, etc..

It clearly is time to do it and techologically it is already there!! Just 
remove the passwords from links to logs and UBNs.

Eu Sprint is showing example how well this concept works. I hope the 
Committe reacts.


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> Hi All:
> I'm defending most of the suggestions  circulated on the list at the 
> Contest
> Advisory Committee, and is not easy to promote changes on the present 
> rules.
> I understand that we contesters should put pressure on the organizers to
> change and adequate the rules to this new technology environment.
> Some of us, including Al, have launched a idea to submit the logs in 48
> hours and to permit total disclosure of the logs to the contest community.
> Very few contesters bought the movement and we got no answer from the
> organizers.
> Lets use this unpleasant D4B notice as a alert and a instrument to move us
> in direction of a new era in contest activity.
> Best regards
> Oms PY5EG
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>>>As to the cheating issue, perhaps some of these problems could be
> by introducing a new
> level of transparency to contest adjudication.   Perhaps a real-time
> logging/scoreboard infrastructure?   This is asolvable problem given
> Internet technology available today.  << I don't think it will work, who 
> is
> going to watch? Complexity required with voluntary  support (can't get the
> certificates out, how you going to do this)?
> The real solution is to post the complete logs after the contest log
> deadline. This way "beaten" - the best "judges", will be able to 
> scrutinize
> the logs and spot the problems. Plus it would be a great learning tool for
> "losers" to see where they blew it, or what could they have done. This of
> course requires sponsor TO ACT on some blatant violations. K1TTT postings
> didn't seem to inspire much of that.
> The other venue is to publicize the violators of rules on the Internet. 
> That
> borders on being called sore loser, as it happened to me after pointing 
> out
> "famous 300W" operation by IH9/IV3TAN running somewhere around 20 kW on 
> 160
> m and still "proudly" figuring in the world record listings.
> So what's the solution? Are we "inspired" to match the cheaters and do it 
> on
> "all you can cheat" level? Or will the contest committees do some cleanup?
> Here I go again (CQ WW) with my beef to make contest better: Post the logs
> on Internet, remove silly 3 QSO penalty, give everyone 3 points per QSO 
> (no
> tropics scoring advantage) and count own country QSOs, no packet during 
> the
> contest,  don't water down the results with "SO2R3A..." categories.
> For those who are going to tell me to come up with better contest, I did:
> http://www.computeradio.us/TeslaCup.htm
> See you all in 2006 running, Tesla's 150th anniversary.
> Yuri, K3BU.us
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