[CQ-Contest] 20-22 January, 2006

Toni Lindén oh2ua at luukku.com
Sun Oct 9 09:09:39 EDT 2005

The 11th Contest Club Finland and OH DX Foundation 
Contest & DX Meeting 
20th to 22nd of January, 2006

After the wonderful feedback from the previous meeting 
we have decided to arrange our 2006 Contest and DX 
meeting with the same formula, and go maritime mobile 
once again. A large group of contest and DX minded hams 
all around the world will again join the fun on board of 
Viking Line m/s Gabriella enroute OH-OH0-SM-OH0-OH.

Preliminary agenda, pricing information and on-line
registration form are now available on CCF's web page:


So don't hesitate, but be fast and book your cruise!

On behalf of CCF & OHDXF,
73 & cu /MM in January!

Toni, OH2UA

Some comments after the previous meeting:

DX Comments:
"Big success!"
"Thank you for organising a very, very successful weekend."
"Thanks for a fantastic DX and Contest Conference over the past weekend."
"Everything was arranged with typical Finnish efficiency and friendship. 
You seem to have a winning formula."
"The cruise ship was a great idea and everthing was very well organised!"
"Thanks for a great weekend! Looking forward to the next one."
"It was really a wonderful event. I was very happy to meet many guys only 
known by callsigns before, especially G guys!"
"It has been a unique opportunity to review some old friends and at the same 
time to meet some new ones!"
"Congratulations to the organizers for the fantastic event!"
"Great presentations. Hope to be there next year as well."
"Thanks for having us! Best time so far, by miles!!!!"
"We had a wonderful time. I'm already marking the calendar for next year!"

SM Comments:
"Som alltid är det en behållning att delta på CCF-arrangemangen."
"Det är närmast pinsamt att inte fler SM kom, åtminstone under lördagen i 
Stockholm när seriös amatörradioträff serverades."
"Man behöver inte vara inbiten contester för att delta utan alla är välkomna."
"Det är bara att hoppas på bot och bättring till kommande år."

OH Comments:
"Olitte tehneet hienoa työtä risteilyn onnistumiseksi. Kiitos vielä kerran."
"Kiitoksia järjestäjille. Oli tosi hyvä reissu."
"Oli mainiota meininkiä."
"Risteily oli mitä mukavin vaihtoehto."
"Kiitos järjestäjille hyvin koordinoidusta tapahtumasta."
"Hauskaahan siella oli. Tassa tulee alustava ilmoittautumiseni seuraavaan."

Some pictures from the previous meeting can be seen on:
http://www.sm0wka.com/gallery/ccf05 and

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