[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight [was:UBN/Log disclosure...]

K3BU@aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Sun Oct 9 09:56:14 EDT 2005

In a message dated 10/9/05 7:49:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
radiosporting at yahoo.com writes:

>>This thread seems to be focusing on "releasing" logs
after the event, for later scrutiny.  Why stop there? 
Why not "compete in the daylight" in the first place? 
Why not know your position against other competitors
while the contest is still going on?<<

Let's do the first step (publish logs), we been trying to get this for few 
years. Walk before you run!!!

Compete in the daylight? What would that do?
Like, when we compete, we take it easy, and then when we think someone is 
beating us, "we step on the gas"?
So we will be watching how we do instead of running the contest?

Not here, thank you! I want to prepare for contest (never enough time), enjoy 
operating (seriously, or just hand out contacts), submit the log and (sooner 
or later) find out how I did. 

73  Yuri, K3BU.us

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