[CQ-Contest] W6WRT Makrothen score

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Sun Oct 9 12:30:20 EDT 2005

One of my favorite contests, being as close to a pure DX contest as 
you can get. Condx pretty good, although the Europeans were never 
really strong, but at least they were there. Atmospheric and man made 
noise was very low and I worked a bunch of stations that were barely 
audible but printed ok. It often amazes me how MMTTY and RITTY by 
K6STI can decode signals that are barely a whisper.

Had to work Saturday so lost some prime time, but have next weekend 
off so JARTS will be a full time effort. (Another one of my 
favorites). See you then!

The details:

2005 MAKROTHEN RTTY Score Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2005-10-08

    CallSign Used : W6WRT
      Operator(s) : W6WRT
            Hours : 10

             Band : ALL
            Power : HIGH
             Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : DM14
       Gridsquare : DM14

             Name : Bill Turner
          Address : 520 Bowman Trail
   City/State/Zip : Landers  CA  92285
          Country : USA

          Software: N1MM Logger V5.9.0

         Band    QSOs      Pts
          3.5      21   107586
            7      97   524600
           14     201  1055352
           21      12   114460
        Total     331  1801998

              Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP Field
		    Command HF-2500 Amplifier, 1500 watts
         Antennas : 20/15/10: Cubex 4-el Quad @ 80 feet
		    80/40: W9INN trap dipole @ 70 feet

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